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Ace Your Game with RWS Endurance

Your Professional Endurance Coach

Are you a runner looking to increase speed? Or a runner constantly training yourself into the ground thinking this will make you faster but always end up injured? Maybe you are someone who wants to complete their first 5k, 10k, 13.1 or 26.2 but you are not sure how to start? Look no further as RWS Endurance has a plan that will fit your needs! 

Now more than ever we need goals to keep us motivated. We would love the opportunity to help you achieve your goals and dreams!

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Get to Know Us

Our Mission

"Offer run and triathlon coaching to people of all abilities thereby empowering personal growth and enabling a long-term healthy lifestyle"


Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned athlete, you want to be the best version of yourself. We work with athletes of various capabilities and objectives. Whether your goal is to improve your performance OR just maintain an active lifestyle as a runner or triathlete, RWS Endurance will keep you accountable and help you stay injury free.

Our Philosophy

Running/Swimming/Biking is more than crossing the finish line or setting a new personal best. It is a life transforming activity through which you learn vital life skills such as self confidence, commitment, dedication, and perseverance. Getting physically fit in an organized, injury-free manner will transcend into your personal life.  Each training cycle is an opportunity to achieve a specific goal with challenges to overcome. Once you push yourself to new achievements, dreams that once were unthinkable seem attainable and you are stronger physically and mentally. AT RWS Endurance we strive to enable each of our athletes to pursue this journey successfully

Our Methodology

To start with, we ask each of our athletes to fill out a detailed questionnaire. This will cover all areas of your endurance activity, including schedule and availability, history of races and injuries (if any) and both short term and long term goals. Once we review your questionnaire, we will setup a conference call where we will go over our approach to coaching and getting you to your goals.

There is NO obligation to sign-up at any time. Only if you find value in our offering would we expect you to commit to be coached by RWS. 

Coaching is virtual and we use an app called Final Surge where your specific plan will be assigned. Final Surge is free for our athletes and your activities from common activity tracking apps like Garmin, Strava and Apple can be setup to sync automatically to Final Surge. We will monitor your progress through final surge to ensure you are on track with your training

Meet The Team


Coach Sheri

    In addition to being an RRCA Level 2 Certified Running Coach, Sheri is a stay-at-home mom after a prior career as a CPA. She started running in 2013 and became an ardent runner improving her marathon time from over 5 hours to 3 hours and 20 minutes. She believes running has changed the way she approaches everyday life and she wants to bring the joy of running to others as well.


    Sheri has been coaching athletes since 2015.  She is committed to helping other athletes achieve their goals as a personal coach and through running clubs. She has a strong passion to help others and is firmly committed to her coaching philosophy.

    Sheri is also the RRCA Colorado State Representative and a Hammer Nutrition Ambassador.


    Coach Harish

      Harish grew up in India and has been living in Chicagoland since the late 90s. After years of living a sedentary lifestyle, he started running casually in 2012 as way to lose weight. He started with a 5K and as his love for running grew, he continued to run longer distances and slowly moved up to the marathon. He is now an avid runner and runs all year round. He finds that running has not only helped with become healthy and fit, but it has also helped him mentally and emotionally over the years. 

      Harish got his RRCA coaching certification in 2019 and strongly believes that all runners benefit from having a structured customized program, being held accountable and a supportive community. He looks forward to helping other runners achieve their goals.

      Private Coaching

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      Annual Private Coaching 

      Annual contract pay in full up front. Custom plan for your fitness level and schedule to help you achieve your running and fitness goals. If you’re looking for a long term relationship, the annual plan with RWS Endurance is right for you.

      Semi-Annual Private Coaching

      Paid in advance. Custom plan tailored to your fitness level, lifestyle and running goals! If you have a packed schedule of races coming in in the next few months or if you want to try us out for a few months, this is the right plan for you.

      Monthly Private Coaching 

       Tailored running programs based upon your current fitness, your lifestyle and your goals for the year. If you want a pay-as-you go option, this is the right plan for you.

      “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

      Ralph Waldo Emerson

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