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Rock-It-Run Endurance Program

Welcome to the inaugural Rock-it-Run coaching program!  This 10.5 week program officially begins on April 24th and ends on July 4th!  This program is built to help you become as successful as possible for the Rock-it-Run 5k or 13.1 race!  You will have two choices of plans to choose from.  One for the first time finisher and one for someone who has done a few races before.  If you are a more advanced runner and looking to set a PR, these plans may not be right for you.  I would suggest hiring a private coach (and I would love to be that person) as you will need a plan that is more tailored to your current fitness level and have a schedule built around your work/life balance.  If this is of interest to you, please click here.


How is my training plan different from what you could download for free online?  My plan is built to be course specific!  I'm going to make sure you are ready for anything the course will throw at you. I will also give you some general strength training guidance in addition to pacing and racing strategy which is course specific for this race!  Each race will have its own nuances and knowing what to expect and how to fuel for the race is super helpful for your success.   You will also get the opportunity to ask me, an RRCA Level 2 Certified Running Coach with 9 years of coaching experience, any questions you have at our monthly group runs.  That you cannot get from a free plan online!


In this program you will receive an email from me once a month discussing what your training program is trying to achieve that month as well as any other important insights for you to think about.  I will also meet one Sunday a month on the Plum Creek Trail for a long run so that you can ask me any questions you may have about training, the course, shoes, fueling, hydration, meals to eat before a long run and race, etc!

Your training program will be set up in an app called Final Surge.  This is an app that you would download to your phone and it will upload your calendar for this training cycle.  In there you can have push notifications sent to your Google Calendar so that you see on your calendar each day that you have a meeting at a certain time, car pool at another time and oh yeah you need to get that run in!  You can also sync your Garmin or Strava up with Final Surge and watch how your runs populate in the system.  It feels so good to see all of that data in one place!  

If you have further questions about this program or private coaching, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Interested in signing up?  Please click here to be located to the Rock-It-Run website and looking forward to seeing YOU on the trail!

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